04 March 2015

LA bound!

it feels like absolutely yesterday that i was standing at the top of two flights of stairs sending a text that said, "i'm here...!" i was nervous and tired. these are little things you eventually forget about, but i've fought to remember. 
the funny thing is that tomorrow i'll be going on a total fluke trip back to LA that was planned barely a week ahead of time. a quiet dayjob workweek meant that randomly i have ten days off - and LUKE has work for me. so, if i can't work here, i'll get in my car and drive the seven hours to LA (but not without a quick overnight in joshua tree - because i can't even keep driving through town without stopping). i'll stay in LA for something like a week, and then turn around and come home so i can get back to my dayjob. 

the good thing is that having spent six weeks in LA at the end of last year, i already know whats in store for me. and i know how to change my experience if i choose to. i struggled with having too much on my plate before. i struggled with the space, the people, the city, driving, everything. this time, i have a home to return to - i don't have to wonder where or when i'm going to find a job. this time i know exactly what to expect and how to react and what to do differently. and its only for a week and a half. its nice to say i've learned something already.

the best thing is that i'll get to see some of my people. some of the best supporters, lovers, friends, beautiful faces and huggers i know. i've already made a few plans with a few of them. more memories to add to my vault!
i'm bringing as many snacks as i am clothes. priorities! i'm leaving my laptop and my canon camera at home - iPhone only and a paper journal to jot down things to blog when i get back.
upon my return, there will only be two more weeks til i go back to joshua tree for my birthday weekend. this is like a tiny little tease. (that weekend will be totally different - no phone, canon camera only, comfy desert clothes, and hopefully lots of wine. disconnected and quiet.)

see you in 10+ days!

01 March 2015

studio & space tour!

its been an incredibly long time since i've done a post like this.. back about five years ago, i used to do a lot of lifestyle photography for the blog.
for those of you who haven't been following along for very long, here is a tiny bit of background. in september i drove/moved across the country from maine to LA to northern arizona - with only what would fit in my car (which turned out to be about 8 bins worth of stuff and some other things like quilts jammed in around it all). i worked/lived with LUKE for a couple of months in LA before settling in to my new place in AZ.

when i got here i was living off of savings, didn't have a job lined up, and was staying with friends through christmas/new year. new year's weekend i moved into my "apartment", which is the downstairs of a house (my housemate is awesome - a teacher in her 50's with two big dogs who loves to bake, travel, and sew - we are a good pair). i have two rooms to myself - my bedroom and my studio. i have my own full bath, and the laundry room is just off of the studio. also off of the studio is the big BIG backyard & patio area - perfect for watching sunsets. the best part about this apartment is that it came furnished, which on my budget was HUGE. shelves, tables, bed & sofas, etc - it was all here. it wasn't necessarily the style i'd purchase for myself, but i've learned that home is what you make it, whether its a huge apartment or a tiny little studio. (a lot of you know that its been a long time since i've had more than one room to live/work in!)

i have since gotten settled, have a job, am still sewing for LUKE, and am missing california. but i'm comfortable here. i've been here for a couple of months now, and i spent this weekend rearranging, reorganizing and cleaning the studio space, as well as my living space (bedroom).

least exciting room first! my bathroom is really just storage for all my yummy smelling stuff ;)

- - - STUDIO / work / space - - -

the studio is where i've decided to keep all of my quirky fun decor & artwork. its for bright colors and glitter. its for spreading out and making a mess if i want, or working quietly if i need the distraction. its where i've blown through almost 9 seasons of the X Files on netflix this year. all of my paramore memorabilia, notes from back home, and motivation live in this room. there's still a bin of assorted goodies left to unpack, but i've left that for another day. i also need to make a curtain for the window that looks out into the yard, but who has time for that?!

studio / work table & inspiration/work wall - where i spend most of my time in my studio, obviously, because my machine is there. the board is covered in design plans for past & current projects, as well as little bits of inspiration: friends, family, memories. my pop-punk pixie heart lives here.

studio / ironing table & design wall - currently covered with my Joshua Tree Dreams quilt, the TRAVEL|MUSE mini quilts, and projects for LUKE - all in progress.

studio / lounge area - where i sit to do my blogging and planning. 
the big quilt was made by/a christmas gift from my mom. Beetlejuice was made by LUKE. mini quilt made by me. matches from GOOD LUCK BAR & my last night in LA in december. STAY GOLD banner made by Michelle in CA. the little goodies in here are the special few that i moved with, mixed in with new things i've picked up in my travels.

studio/ design corner - where i store & choose fabrics/supplies.

my bedroom is the total opposite. its for sleeping, reading, daydreaming of the desert. its for late night texts to CA, chats with girlfriends, writing in my journal, and nurturing my green thumb. i do my best to keep work out of this room, minus my sketch pad for middle of the night ideas. my bedroom is for the nomad pixie part of me that likes to sleep at strange times and sometimes hates having an empty bed.. 

 - - - BEDROOM / live / space - - -

when i left my tiny little studio apt back home, i moved to my parents' house for six weeks before heading west. once i got west, i stayed with my AZ friends for a month before heading to LA. i packed up half of my belongings, which isn't saying much, and stayed in LA for six weeks in LUKE's loft/studio. i spent some nights in SilverLake with a friend and envied their apartment and how it felt like HOME (the little b&w photo tucked into the corner of my J Tree print/frame is a reminder of that). my stuff stayed in boxes. when i started to unpack here in this apartment, realizing i was now in my own place with my own stuff, i had a little bit of a hard time spreading out. i'm just now coming to terms with living here. that i can leave things on the floor if i want. i'm not visiting anymore.

the plants are newly acquired since moving - my collection back home went to live with a dear friend.

now that i'm unpacked and working and living in these spaces its a little surreal to know that i'm apparently not moving anywhere else anytime soon.  for a year i looked forward to moving, and in the duration of actually driving across the country and bouncing back & forth from AZ to CA to AZ not sure of where i'd land, all i could think of was: is this where i'm supposed to be? what about now? i'm happy here. i like the small town feel. i like the incredible places within daytrip reach. i like that i can be in Joshua Tree in 5 hours, LA in 7. since its still winter, i'm not missing maine, so for now i don't mind that its 2,500 miles away. 

being able to photograph and share my rooms on this blog is a huge part of me feeling at home. my blogging roots weren't all talk and thinking and roadtrips and decisions. my blogging roots were pretty projects & comfortable spaces. so, i guess, in a way, this blog post feels like coming home.